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Master of Science in Conservation

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Masterprogram i kulturvård
Cultural Heritage Area
Crafts and traditional knowledge
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The Master's Program in Conservation will provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that prepare students for both studies at the postgraduate level, as well as professional activities in the field of conservation. The program is based on the field of integrated conservation of built environments. This field is cross-disciplinary by nature and represents possible in-depth directions towards buildings, built environments, urban landscapes, and cultural landscapes, and how these can be described, cared for, analysed and developed through concrete conservation practices and strategic planning processes. The professional and academic field of integrated conservation of built environments addresses the complexity of this landscape where history and present time are represented through interpretable properties and qualities constantly shaped and changed through the wills, intentions, interests and limitations of individuals and groups. This professional and academic role is thus largely about being able to understand the preconditions for changes that have been made and will take place, how different stakeholders have worked today and historically to pursue different intentions affecting built environments, how problems, opportunities and different consequences can be formulated, and what supporting data and information need to be described, analysed and handled in an operational context.

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Filosofie masterexamen
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No fee are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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