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Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies – Track: Cultural Heritage Management and Policy

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Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies – Track: Cultural Heritage Management and Policy
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Cultural heritage, as understood by Central European University's Cultural Heritage Studies Program, is the legacy of physical artifacts (cultural property) and intangible attributes of a group or society inherited from the past. Cultural Heritage is a concept which offers a bridge between the past and the future with the application of particular approaches in the present. Due to its attached values for these groups or societies, cultural heritage is maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. At the same time, the concept of cultural heritage developed as a result of complex historical processes and is constantly evolving.

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program combines theoretical and practical education, offering a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches with a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and skills based on fieldwork, and internships with local, regional and global heritage organizations.

Historical approach, present social relevance (policy and management), and the integration of cultural and natural heritage issues are the three pillars of the program.

The program offers a global viewpoint within local Central European heritage contexts (capital of culture, World Heritage sites, urban environmental imperatives, local issues of conflicting interests)

One of the principles CEU is based on is respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples. As the University attracts students and faculty from 100 countries from around the world, it is an ideal host of a cultural heritage program dealing with disparate traditions, practices and social interactions.

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12.000€ per year

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