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Education in Museum and Heritage (Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters)

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Education in Museums and Heritage (Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters)
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Education in Museums and Heritage (EDUMaH) is an EMJM which focuses academic study on the unique learning environments provided by museum and heritage sites. The programme will equip future leaders for the vital role that Museum and Heritage (M&H) education has to play in building a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable future. Supported by theory and critical analysis, EDUMaH will encourage the development of innovative approaches to education in the museum and heritage sector, managing change and adapting to emerging social, cultural, political and environmental challenges.

Through education theory and practice, guided by leading academics and skilled professional practitioners, students will explore the many ways that museums and heritage sites can employ collections and spaces to provoke debate, reveal truths and relate to the multicultural, mobile and multifaceted communities and societies we inhabit today. An increase in academic and professional training programmes coupled with the growing body of published works addressing education in M&H topics signifies a growing desire amongst M&H education specialists to deepen and extend their knowledge and understanding of the field, its principles and practices, and the profound questions it must address in the 21st century.

EDUMaH offers students a unique opportunity to do this by exploring key contemporary M&H education themes within a minimum of three countries, over a two year period, and with credit-delivering / degree-awarding partners in Scotland (UK), Ireland or Estonia, Netherlands or Malta). EDUMaH will give 150+ (including 80+ scholarship) Master level students from around the world access to a 2yr EMJM of 120 ECTS, with a minimum of three mobility periods, access to placements and summer schools (in Mexico and throughout Europe), new cultural experiences, exposure to languages and enhanced employability in a complex and growing field burgeoning with new possibilities.

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Cooperation with other institutions

We are an international consortium composed of four higher education partner institutions. EDUMaH draws on the global expertise, experience and networks of several Associate Partners from the EU and beyond, who will offer work-based learning placements, master classes and guest lectures from some of the world’s leading scholars in these fields.

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University of Glasgow, School of Education, 11 Eldon Street, Glasgow, G3 6NH 

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2.1 Honours undergraduate degree or the equivalent (e.g., a Grade Point Average of 75%) in relevant arts, humanities or social science subject.

For applicants whose first language is not English, the University sets a minimum English Language proficiency level.

Teaching language
Programme learning outcomes

In semester 1 students gain an overview of Museum Education in Glasgow. In semester 2 at the University of Tartu or University College Cork (UCC) / National University of Ireland (NUIG) / Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

Between semesters 2 and 3, students will have the option to attend a summer school with the European Museum Academy and the Universidad Iberoamericana. The courses that are studied during the summer school are non-credit bearing but students will be able to undertake internships as part of the summer mobility period.

In semester 3 students have the choice of two thematic Study Tracks between the University of Malta or Radboud University in the Netherlands. There are also placement options at Malta and field trips at Radboud.

The fourth and final semester destination, when the dissertation is being written, will be chosen by the student depending on where they wish to be based for research/ supervision purposes.

Teaching will be via lectures and small group seminars utilising a wealth of theoretical and methodological approaches drawn from the humanities and social sciences. Assignments and coursework include individual and group presentations, structured debates, simulation exercises and role play, reflective logs, fieldwork and study trips. Language courses in all major European languages are available with each mobility partner over the two years of the programme.

Mode of delivery of education / training
Tuition cost

Fees for the 2 year programme:

UK/EU and non-EU programme countries 

  • Full time fee: £7,680 per annum or €9,188 per annum

All other countries

  • Full time fee: £15,680 per annum or €18,760 per annum
Are grants available?
Description of available grants

The EDUMaH programme is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programme. This funding provides EDUMaH with the capacity to award up to 90 scholarships over 4 editions*.  

*Edition 1: 2023-2025; edition 2: 2024-2026; edition 3: 2025-2027; edition 4: 2026-2028