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Master of Arts in Museum Studies

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Master of Arts in Museum Studies
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Safeguarding and preservation
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The two-year master’s degree in Museum Studies is a unique cooperation between Central European University and the Wien Museum, providing students with rigorous academic training in historical studies combined with practical, hands-on museum experience. It combines opportunities for experiential learning at Europe’s leading museums with both foundational course work in the history and theory of museums and the multidisciplinary study of the past. The program provides students with the skills, experience, and professional knowledge needed in today’s museum. This English- language program will prepare students for a wide range of careers in museums and memory institutions across the world.

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Students will hold two internships during the course of the degree program. In the first year, students will do an internship at a Viennese museum working in various departments, offering insight into the everyday work of the museum. In the second year, students will take part in an intensive internship at a museum of their choosing where they will work on a capstone project for the degree.

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