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Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology

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Institute for the Creative Arts
Misrah l-Ghonoq
Targa Gap, Mosta MST 1735

The Institute for the Creative Arts (ICA) of MCAST Malta offers full- and part-time Vocational Education and Training (VET) at various levels of the EQF, and also promotes research endeavours that span a wide range of disciplines, reflecting the diverse interests and expertise of its faculty and students. The Institute conducts research in both theoretical and practical ways to foster comprehension and innovation in various creative, conservation, and journalistic fields. ICA explores the intersections of different disciplines to find new forms of expression and collaboration, as well as research into cultural artifacts, traditional artistic practices, and historical circumstances to aid in the preservation and promotion of Malta's cultural heritage. The integration of digital media, interactive installations, and the emerging technologies of virtual reality are being examined to enhance artistic expression and increase audience participation. Moreover, the exploration of innovative methods of entrepreneurship, such as business models, marketing tactics, and emerging trends, foster sustainable growth and development of Malta's creative economy. The Institute aims to promote knowledge, artistic practice, and social impact in the various areas of the creative arts, journalism, and conservation through collaborative projects, partnerships with industry stakeholders, and participation in national and international networks.

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